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20 km of Brussels

Cross the finish line with your Formyfit training plan

Starts on 27/05/2018 i.e. in

The only method that creates you a 100% personalized training plan and helps you cross the finish line of the 20km of Brussels without injuring yourself. Let yourself be guided by the live voice coach during your training sessions.

  • Tailored training plan
  • Available for all levels
  • Live voice coaching
  • D-day live voice coaching
Bernard, 59 years old

He finished his first 20km of Brussels

Bernard trained with Formyfit for 4 months to get ready for his first 20km of Brussels. Watch him share his experience with the training plan...

Chloé, 41 years old

She loves the live voice coach

Before using Formyfit, Chloe was sedentary. She now sees a spectacular improvement and keeps going. She has finished the 2017 edition of the 20km of Brussels without being exhausted. Bonus: She has lost weight.

Use Formyfit and maximize your chances

Personalized training plans

Obtain a 100% personalized training plan.

Live voice coaching

Our coach guides you live during all along your training session.

Progress analysis

Analyze and compare your fitness evaluations.

D-day live voice coaching

The live voice coach accompanies and guides you during the race.

20 km of Brussels

Only 29.99€

Pay once.
No commitment.



20 km 100


27 May 2018