Health through exercise with a digital guidance!

Prescription Sports!

A guided sports training that will improve your health and your physical condition, supervised by a professional coach?

It is now possible!

Formyfit@Health - Sport sur Ordonnance : notélé

Test your physical condition and set up a program 100% adapted to your level!

Doctor - Coach - Patient Triangulation

Prescription by the doctor of individual coaching sessions

Assessment of the patient's physical level with a battery of tests offered by the application

Individualized training plan supervised by a professional coach based on chronic illness

Sharing of an activity report, via the participant to the prescribing doctor

Objectives of our project

Update physical activity in people with a long-term condition (Diabetes, hypertension, obesity, cancer, cardiovascular disease, ...)

Reduce physical inactivity to reduce all causes of death

Set up the Doctor - Coach - Patient triangulation in order to strengthen the motivation to move more and better