Progress or refund !

Formyfit will reimburse the user who has not progressed in his second fitness test, provided that this test follows a minimum of 12 training sessions of the Formyfit plan carried out correctly during these 2 months.

This policy applies exclusively to users who have never tried Formyfit Premium before.

To benefit from this refund, the user must, during their first month of free trial as well as their first month of purchase, at least have carried out their first fitness level test via the mobile application and subsequently have completed at least 3 workouts per week of the training plan, accompanied by the voice coach, while respecting the requested speeds or heart rates.

Once the second fitness test has been carried out under the same conditions as the first (weather, altitude difference, etc.), if the user does not increase his or her MAS score by at least 5%, he or she is entitled to request a refund via the following e-mail address:

Once the refund request has been sent, Formyfit reserves the right to check the user's account to see if the 2 tests and a minimum of 3 training sessions per week have been correctly completed and will, depending on its decision, refund the account used to purchase the subscription as soon as possible. The current subscription will also be cancelled.