Fitness training plan

You haven't done any sport for a while but you want to start gently ?

Here is our fitness programme to help you get back into sport gradually.

Our fitness training plan has been designed to prevent you from giving up due to injury or discouragement.

If your goal is to get fit, either to avoid health problems, to lose weight or to prepare for a race, this is the best plan to follow.

For health prevention, the WHO recommends 6 sessions of 50 minutes/week at moderate intensity, or 2 x less at high intensity. Not easy to apply !

If you are starting from scratch, the most effective thing would be to start with 3 sessions of 40 minutes per week for 2 months, as you should not rush into anything. Then, if you find the time and motivation, you can increase the duration of the sessions by 10% per month and/or increase the number of weekly sessions.

Our promise:

An improvement in your physical fitness of more than 30% in 3 months and a FITNESS SCORE in the green!

The ability to follow up on a sporting objective such as the preparation of a 5-10 or 20 km.

Lasting results with minimum effort.

What is the plan ?

  1. You start by defining your objective.
  2. We measure your fitness level during your first training session.
  3. We create a 100% personalized training plan with a progressive training volume to avoid injuries.
  4. Each training session is accompanied by voice coaching to guide and motivate you.

Why choose a training plan with Formyfit ?

Flexibility: You choose when you want to train, the number of sessions/week and the date of your goal.

Personalized coaching: The training sessions are adapted to your level and your objective.

Easy to use: Let Formyfit voice coaching guide you.

At your disposal :

A blog with advice on weight loss.

A responsive customer service to answer all your questions.

A Facebook community with which you can exchange and receive advice, a Youtube channel.

They did it, so why not you ?