Training plan "Objective half-marathon".

Are you planning a 20k in the next few months ?

You have found the right training plan for you !

Our team of experts has built an algorithm based on the latest scientific recommendations. The training method has been tested by top athletes, such as Valentin Poncelet, winner of the 20 km of Brussels, and Vincent Rousseau (2h07 former world champion of the half marathon).

On the practical side, your training plan will be adapted according to your level, the number of training sessions per week and your target date to enable you to reach your full potential on the day. For this reason, we will give you a regular VMA test to assess your fitness level and readjust your plan.

If you are planning a half-marathon or a 20km race, we advise you to start the plan 5 months before the date, if you are just starting out. If you have an athletic background, in 2 months you can already make good progress and avoid overload injuries that frequently occur when training without a plan.

The semi plan, will also allow you to prepare well for a 10 miles.

Our promise:

With a Formyfit plan you will finish your half marathon without suffering.

You will get an improvement of 10% to 30% of your VMA.

The certainty of being at your best on the day of your half marathon.

What is the plan ?

  1. You start by defining your objective.
  2. We measure your fitness level during your first training session.
  3. We create a 100% personalized training plan with a progressive training volume to avoid injuries.
  4. Each training session is accompanied by voice coaching to guide and motivate you.
  5. A race mode to coach you before and during your competition.

Why choose a training plan with Formyfit ?

Flexibility: You choose when you want to train, the number of sessions/week and the date of your goal.

Personalized coaching: The training sessions are adapted to your level and your objective.

Easy to use: Let Formyfit voice coaching guide you.

At your disposal :

A blog with advice on weight loss.

A responsive customer service to answer all your questions.

A Facebook community with which you can exchange and receive advice, a Youtube channel.

They did it, so why not you ?